who’s who


shuffles her feet and mutters witticisms even when she thinks nobody is listening. She likes acting in ways that make people edge away because they think she’s crazy and dangerous. She especially likes mumbling into her cell phone earpiece while grocery shopping in crowded supermarkets, and thinking up novel and amusing ways to freak her students out.

When she’s not locked away, she finds great delight in most things original—inventing new flavor dilections, roasting new java confections, composing new rhyming reflections, exploring great literary collections, scribbling out philosophic objections, writing about sundry recollections, overcoming her imperfections, engaging in intellections, being gripped by friendship’s infections, cycling in diverse directions, entertaining random predilections, absorbing theatrical selections, and experiencing musical affections.


enjoys traveling with a Doctor Who has no name; with him, time never seems to be an issue. She often winds up her toy car, drives through the Tollboth and finds herself on the road Beyond Expectations. With Dictionopolis and Digitopolis on her 6, she fights the Demons of Discord while on the quest to rescue the princesses of Sweet Rhyme and Pure Reason.

She is frequently known by her cohorts to think the same thing they are thinking, and tries to take over the world, although she has not been successful as of yet.

The Geocaching gods call her Milus Insanum, the one who stops at nothing to find what she is looking for. In the midst of aesthetic splendor, she seizes snapshots of Romance and Neo-Classicism. A huntress of knowledge, she thirsts for wisdom from former days, searches through flickering shadows, observes and learns from those who are wiser, and hopes to uncover more secrets of the past to better understand the world today.

mrrouw (RIP)

is force against her will by bonjee and littlemistress (who drugs her by spiking fish fish munchie with icky taste yellow powder) into small crampy box she endure for days. When free she find cold wet fleases filled world. She hates fleases. She never has them in other happyer dry place. She dont like dribbly goo bonjee attack back her neck with neither.

 But shes stoic and adaptable. Even loss of twinny hasnt stop her power and she carry on noble task of solving worlds problems meditative nap by nap. In between munchies. She finds efforts some thwarted as shes not find way to flee big meanie bounds of new habitation even it is slidey-er and up-n-down-ier than any place she ever live before and with tingley good smells. And gooshy good munchie.