research grant

I think you’ll notice by now I’m not writing much here nowadays. No time. Now I’m trying to actually write the dissertation, in the middle of crazy, nagging health issues, it’s busy here.

But for those of you who knew anything about recent endeavors, here’s the news.

The Purdue Research Foundation (PRF) offers sundry research fellowships for varying periods of time. I was granted one (to which I didn’t even apply) for last summer, which I heartily appreciated (it enabled me to get a lot of work done on my prospectus that I’d not have had time to do were I teaching all summer, as was the previous plan).

Along with 60 other doctoral candidates in the School of Liberal Arts (SLA), 15 of which were in my department, I applied for the highly competitive PRF research¬†fellowship for 2008-2009. I hoped, but didn’t see probabilities in my favor.

20 people in the SLA got fellowships. Two of these people were in my department. And somehow, I was one of the two. Wow.

I see it like a sabbatical, actually. A time to focus on writing exclusively. I’ll have a whole year off teaching wherein I can work on finishing my dissertation. So now you know.


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