For either of my readers who might care

It’s been a year this month, which explains the web absence. Key observations of the winter thus far:

  • being a good neighbor is a sure-fire way to experience a sexual threat and a break in, if you live in north Lafayette.
  • one can’t do much on the computer without a mouse.
  • break ins are terrifying.
  • when the weather moves from a breezeless 45 to 8 with 40 mph winds, it is insanely cold.
  • Hashimoto’s is not just for breakfast any more (though synthroid will be for the rest of my life).
  • when you get out of town, your troubles truly do reduce back to a managable size.
  • a good friend is the one who challenges you to live authentically, even if you’re terrified to do so.
  • and a good friend will stand by you when you decide to take the plunge into authenticity, despite the fear.
  • more people see into you than you know: they’re not surprised by what you reveal, nor do they condemn you for being human. In fact, it’s amazing how supportive true friends can be.
  • I’m blessed with true friends in places I didn’t know I had them.
  • Jesus loves me.
  • a lot.
  • it’s very hard to sleep whilst your cat yodels.
  • Rozerem takes a while to kick in.
  •  writing a prospectus sucks.
  • a lot.
  • the prospect of having it defended in ten days is not as heart-lightening as one would hope.
  • when you run out of energy and motivation, you’ve truly got nothing.
  • my cat is lonely and loudly complains about it.
  • a lot.
  • maybe that’s why the Rozerem isn’t kicking in so fast.
  • maybe that’s why I don’t have any energy and motivation.
  • people are people, regardless gender, creed, nationality, race, sexual orientation, or disability. And they’re all created in God’s image.
  • God doesn’t have just a single blueprint for us all to follow: he created a body with diverse parts, so it follows that he created a diverse set of blueprints.
  • it’s not only unfair but irrational to expect every person to fit into one blueprint.
  • but many do anyway.
  • in fact, we generally tend to cram ourselves into the blueprints we’ve been told we’re supposed to fit into, instead of spending time discerning how we were created to function.
  • people are frightened by unfamiliar blueprints.
  • some cysts hurt.
  • a lot.
  • having a blood test can cause one’s arm to get a huge yellow bruise that hurts.
  • a lot.
  • Purdue has a really good pharmacy with a very decent copay.
  • and the student health center is amazing.
  • so are the doctors.
  • insomnia and caffeine can raise your blood pressure.
  • a lot.
  • and that can worry your doctor.
  • a lot.
  • but that doesn’t mean you have high blood pressure–just that you need sleep.
  • a lot.
  • Rozerem takes a while to kick in.
  • meyow.
  • meyow.
  • meyow.
  • meyow.
  • meyow.
  • when there’s a huge rainstorm being predicted by the weather team, believe them.
  • windshield wipers get snarled up in each other during a torrent.
  • never judge the caliber of students you’ll have by the time of day you’re scheduled to teach them.
  • I actually do know a thing or two about epistemology.
  • just not a lot.

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