Not the most convenient way to go

So I’ve been perusing flights and prices for a tentative visit back to the Northwest over Christmas Break (not that I even have a clue whether I will be able to afford such a thing, but heck, I’ve got dissertation reading to evade, time to waste, responsibilities to shirk!).

One thing I’ve been looking at is whether it’s less expensive to fly from Indy to Seattle on one round trip ticket, and then do the Seattle to Spokane on another, or whether one round trip ticket is the way to go. Of course, if I choose the former, then I’d have to check in luggage in Seattle a second time, though if that be the case, I might just suffer through with just a carry on and ‘borrow’ needed extra ‘gel or liquid’ stuff.


Here’s one flight I saw in the “Seattle to Spokane” option:

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines

Flight 2191 operated by Horizon Air / 2345 operated by Horizon Air / 2314 operated by Horizon Air


Seattle/Tacoma, WA (SEA)


Spokane, WA (GEG)

5hrs 5min2 Stops

Change planes in Portland, OR (PDX)
Change planes in Boise, ID (BOI)

per person

2 seats left

at this price


Turboprop Service more

Prop Service more

Such a deal I have for you! Only four hundred bucks for a five-hour flight with two plane changes! What sort of crazy talk is it to get from Seattle to Spokane in one puddle jump flight that takes but fifty minutes? Sheesh!

Truly for the one who makes inconvenience a discipline.


2 thoughts on “Not the most convenient way to go

  1. Ah, perhaps not in the actual world, but indeed there is a possible world wherein Boise and Portland are conveniently located between Seattle and Spokane. Surely space time won’t be of the same structure as here. And surely a six hour flight for four hundred bux is considered a steal at any go. In some possible world, yes. But I don’t think that world is all that theoretically close to the actual one.

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