Yes, I will openly admit that I am an addict.

“Hello, my name is Bekah and I watch Doctor Who.”

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So what, right? NO! Someone has spread rumors that I may be forced to quit my addiction COLD TURKEY! Seriously folks, this is bad. BAD! BAD! BAD! Terrible even! Okay, okay…. deep breath, think of my happy place…

From my brother’s frantic reseach, this is what we know:

The Sun (yeah, don’t judge), released in an exclusive report (again, don’t judge) titled Doctor Who to get axe in 2008. The evil Deputy Showbiz Editor, Gordon Smart, wrote: “HIT show Doctor Who will be EXTERMINATED next year –after the fourth series.”

Okay, mister gossipy pants; your cheesy Dalek impersonation ISN’T funny!

Mister Cheesy Dalek head (I swear, I’m not bitter) goes on to say, “He [Russell T. Davies, the executive producer of Doctor Who] and senior staff have hatched a plot to hand in a group resignation in summer 2008.”

Luckily, there is hope. My DISTRAUGHT brother again found a counter argument to the vicious and sadistic rumor. According to’s Ben Dowell (God bless his soul… both my brother’s and Mr. Dowell’s), he writes, “The BBC has insisted that the future of Doctor Who’s executive producer […] ‘has not yet been decided’ in spite of reports [from Mister Cheesy Oozy-Ood] that he will quit the hit show after the next series.”

Neener Neener, spawn of Cassandra!

The angelic Mr. Dowell goes on to poetically report that “Mr. Davies may be preparing to leave the show […] but there isn’t any way it would be axed even if he left. He loves the show and he does feel that maybe it would benefit from some new blood.”

In response to the malevolent and villainous Jagrafess, the prudent Mr. Dowell notes that “Today’s Sun claimed that the show will be axed after the fourth series because of the decision by Mr. Davies to quit as executive producer […] and ‘senior staff have hatched a plot to had in a group resignation [blah, blah, blah …] and that Mr. Davies had become fed up over an exhausting workload of 16-hour days, nine months a year.'” Mr. Dowell then explains that “Mr. Davies has been a creative driving force behind the Doctor Who revival, which has been a resounding critical and ratings success. […] If Mr. Davies does leave Doctor Who, the BBC will want to keep such a popular show going by bringing in a new executive producer to take over his creative responsibilities.”

So, thank you Mr. Dowell. You have given us hope. As for you, you Sun filled… I mean sinful, Empty Child, before you try to sell any ol’ story, think first. You made men, women and children shed tears; for that, you might find a sonic screwdriver in a really uncomfortable location OR Captain Jack might find his way from the Cardiff water fountain to kick your butt, resurrect you and kick your butt again!


5 thoughts on “Travesty!!

  1. Okay, I’ll try very very hard not to judge you for believing something you read in the Sun. Think about it, though; it’s Doctor freakin’ Who, and it’s good again. Axing the show at this point would be one of the dumbest things the BBC could do. Faith, my child.

  2. Your frantic brother feels as much relief as you do as I was aghast at the news. I think I’ll go and watch this week’s episode and enjoy every drooling minute of it.

  3. In responce to you, miss Candice. I said DON’T JUDGE! I didn’t’realize where the article came from until later in the day… and I know it’s good again. Thus, this is why it shocked me so. My roommates went to Europe a few weeks ago and said it was bigger than anything they had ever seen before… again, another reason it didn’t make sense to me. As far as faith, who couldn’t have faith in the Time Lord? I just had to investigate, or rather, interpret an0maly’s investigation.

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