phobias: ya know ya got ’em

Bonjee’s top ten favorite phobias

TEN: PROGENITOGENOPHOBIAthe fear catching of your parents ‘in the act’

NINE: COULROPHOBIA—the fear of circus clowns

EIGHT: MAGEIROCOPHOBIA—the fear of cooking

tied with CONSECOTALEOPHOBIA—the fear of chopsticks

and ALLIUMPHOBIA—the fear of garlic

and CIBOPHOBIA—the fear of food


SEVEN: APEIROPHOBIA—the fear of infinity

tied with ARITHMOPHOBIA—the fear of numbers

SIX: LUTRAPHOBIA—the fear of otters

tied with DORAPHOBIA–the fear of animal skins or fur

FIVE: PELADOPHOBIA—the fear of bald people

tied with TRICHOPATHOPHOBIA—the fear of hair (and hairy people)

FOUR: LOOMPAPHOBIA—the fear of oompa loompas

THREE: VELOCIRAPTOPHOBIA—the fear of velociraptors

TWO: IDEOPHOBIA—the fear of ideas

tied with GNOSIOPHOBIA—the fear of knowledge

and LOGOPHOBIA—the fear of words

and PHILSOPHOBIA—the fear of philosophy

And my favorite phobia:

HELLENOGOPHOBIA—fear of Greek terms

tied with HELLENOLOGOPHOBIA–fear of complex scientific terminology


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