Call me a cynic, but you know I’m right

Top ten least likely college degrees to be held by a President of the USA in the 21st Century

TEN: Any degree that includes a major in Chinese.

NINE: A Masters in Civil Engineering.

EIGHT: A Bachelors in Women’s Studies.

SEVEN: A Bachelors in International Studies, with a special emphasis on French and German studies.

SIX: A Doctorate in Psychology, with dissertation and practicum on the prevention and treatment of megalomania.

FIVE: A Masters in Sociology, emphasizing mediation and counselling.

FOUR: Any degree in Religious Studies.

THREE: A double major in World History and Philosophy, emphasizing Arabic Studies.

TWO: A Masters in American History, having written a thesis on patterns of leadership errors and lessons to learn therefrom.

and, the number one least likely presidential degree on the realistic bonjee list:

A Doctorate in Analytical Logic.


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