fluffing tingling dark out

Im bored. Its like before when its cold night and she opens see thru holes and fans blow cold air all over making it feel tingling as it fluffs my fur. All that fluffiness makes me want to do something exciting. Makes me want to escape. Like before when I open easy door and play all nite in dark underneath place when she dont know. Then I run back up when she learns and I act like shes crazy thinking Im bad and out all night in dark underneath place with boxes and roary furnace.

She says down underneath places here in hot wet place are hot wet with lots more bugses. She says down underneath places arent places happy peoples live. I cant get my paw under door to find out for shore. So its breezy cool my fur is fluffing tingling and I want adventure. But I cant explore dark places. And enemy sock behaves so no reason to fight.

And smells are clean and cool and I smell birdses and aminals I dont know. I sit in open see thru hole push whiskers thru teeney holey things that dont let me jump out see thru hole and sniff hard. It tingles delicious. I smell moon and stars. They smell free and yellow and crisp.

I miss twinny. Before we chase when cold air fluffs fur. We pretend we are lion and prey—Im always lion. Mar grumbles and wants to be lion. But Im lion. I show her. She growls and spits and swipes. Funny prey. She cheats. I miss her.

Tonight moon wants prey and lion game and its just me. Nobody to chase. She lays there sleeping. I check. Shes humongous to be prey anyway.

So I come here tell Im bored. And I hunt. I find other bored catses here. I find peoples thats shows pictures mistake catses faces and actions. See in this picture peoples say laughing when philosophizing. Thinking very hard what peoples never solve. Im little sad that peoples dont understand catses faces.

Sad and bored and want adventure and twinny. I hear chimses and trees songs that shake green leaves. Birdses are awake now and shout its morning morning morning wake up and play wake up and dance wake up and fly fly fly. I hear robinses and what she calls cardinals and blackses and sparrows and others who sing wild faraway danger adventure songs. I see lights and moon smell fades. I smell dawn.

Time to get her up for fish fish munchie. My tummy growls like crabby Mar prey.


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