Homer asks, “Who knows me best?”

How well do you know the Iliad? Find out below where Homer asks:


Good luck!



10 thoughts on “Homer asks, “Who knows me best?”

  1. A little bit of an ego, taking your own test? Or is it a dare to Candice? (I’ll put ten on the latter!)

    I’m no fool. I’m not touching it. Test me on The Phantom Tollbooth or the Frog and Toad books.

  2. It’s a Candice dare AND a way to let people know what the top % is they can get… I’ll make another one though! Phantom Tollbooth, here I come!! Maybe some others too!!! How fun!!


  3. Took it before reading the comments. Have now entirely ruined my reputation as a classics major. I’ll just go hang my head in shame now.

  4. Which is, in fact, exactly why I made this quiz… *rolls eyes* You know the world won’t properly rotate on its axis if you don’t know how Achilles’ horses reacted to Patroclus? The end is near, folks, Candice isn’t perfect!
    You may not be perfect, but I’ll bet you can say “arrogant Agamemnon” five times fast! 😉

  5. That’s why I love you, Candice… we shold geocache this week! Neurosis is a mandatory part of the system.

    And An0maly, I will totally put up one for the Phantom Tollbooth just because Heather, Bonjee and some of my other friends would love to do it!

  6. Alas, I am so booked this week it’s not even funny–between work and my social life, I’m only going to be available before noon on Friday and after 10 PM on Thursday and Friday. If there is a site nearby, though, maybe a couple hours on Friday morning?

  7. Between work and your social life? Ah, me. To be in my twenties again—back when I had a full social calendar. Alas.

    Don’t fling aside caching with Boo too lightly. It’s likely one of the most fun things you can put on that social calendar. I’d have it on as a weekly thing if I wasn’t so ridiculously far away. Fun, fun, fun ’till her daddy took her T-Bird away.

  8. Ah, to be an undergrad again–back when I didn’t have a 40-hour work week to contend with. Alas.

    Maybe my social calendar shouldn’t be set in stone, but it’s going to be until I get this “having a life” concept figured out. The weeks to come are unlikely to be quite as busy as this week, and once Bekah and I come up with a mutually workable time I will be more than happy to honour that commitment. “Flinging,” indeed.

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