The Question is, “What is a mahna mahna?


3 thoughts on “The Question is, “What is a mahna mahna?

  1. It just so happens that Mahna Mahna is an interpolation of “Swedish Rhapsody,” written by Piero Umiliani. As difficult it is fom me to say, it was also a soundtrack in a 1968 Italian soft-core porn “about wild sexual activity and other behavior in Sweden (accompanied a scene set in a sauna).”

    On November 30, 1969 the Muppet “scat rendition” was preformed on the Ed Sullivan Show. On into 1970, Mahna mahna was preformed on “The Red Skelton Show,” and used the Umiliani recording as background music for a recurring blackout sketch. The otherwise silent bits featured Red and another performer, dressed as Moon creatures (mocking the muppets), and played with equipment left behind by the Project Apollo astronauts. In 1976, Mahna mahna was recorded with Juliet Prowse for a Muppet soundtrack. As a result, the Umiliani recording finally hit the top of the charts in the UK

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