Bonjee Self Discoveries in early 2007

So the year has hardly begun, and already I’ve learned a lot about myself that either I really didn’t want to know or that I would never have figured out without somebody else insisting it’s true.

I’ll leave it to you to determine which of these are sarcastic.

  • I’ve got OCD.
  • I’ve become a neat freak.
  • Even though I once thought I wanted to be in a relationship, I would never be able to stand living with somebody again.
  • I’ve got OCD.
  • Really bad.
  • I’m one of the two prophets mentioned in Rev. 11:3.
  • Even though I’m a woman.
  • I can really be a bitch.
  • I’ve got OCD.
  • I’m going to meet the other prophet in Norway next month.
  • Even though I have no clue how Oslo has anything to do with Jerusalem.
  • I make really really good coffee.
  • I’m impatient with people who aren’t as fast as I am in catching on to things.
  • I’ve blasphemed the Holy Spirit, yet I’m still one of God’s Rev. 11:3 prophets!
  • If a man is attracted to me, then you can be sure he also has a serious neurosis of some sort.
  • I really loathe educational psychology.
  • I won’t be taking that job at Baker.
  • I have OCD.

Happy deciphering!


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