i should sue for libel

You should look at this.

Her littermate sends this to her with comment this is truth about how busy we catses are during day. Ha-rumph.

She talks lot ’bout thinking. Jus’ cuz these catses maybe are lazybones dont mean we all lazybones. I spend minutes and minutes just today staring at me in her humongous see me glass. Im so embarassed when wake up and she see me— how long she watches me study me (I get old beautiful!)–now she not believe story we catses feed media for years that we dont recognize own reflection! I think about how to solve dangerous eye rack problem. I have answer. But Im not telling.

Only crazy peoples think catses lying around are lazybones. We working. We do mind work. We have to store up lotsa energy so to rise to heights of mental power. Before she was “put to sleep”, twinny Mar solves mind body problem. Very sad she doesnt know how to type.

I can tell this. Mar and I figure out how peoples can have endless supply of renewable energy. They must be like us catses and take good long sun ray liedown before running around crazy fast errands. They should take liedown time to think hard about how nice warmy sun ray feels on ones whiskers. They should think about how running without liedown first waste such wonderful sun rays. Catses have long used sunpower to fuel up for exciting nightses.

Renewable sunpower. Thats our secret.

That and tunaingravy fish fish munchie.


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