Eclectic Tastes

I was thinking about my bizarre music taste. Or maybe I should write ‘bazaar music taste’. It’s diverse. So here’s what I was listening to yesterday while blogging (this is really exactly the playlist as generated by Yahoo Music Engine):

  • The Old Ways — Loreena McKennitt
  • Take Me to Your Leader — Newsboys
  • The Anthem — DJ Gius
  • Mary Jane — Alanis Morissette
  • Omid (Hope) — Thievery Corporation
  • Flamenco Fling — Natalie MacMaster
  • White Wedding — Code 69
  • Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans — Louis Armstrong’s All Stars
  • Bohemian Ballet — Deep Forest
  • Maybe — Ken Elkinson
  • Strange Procession — Michael Brook
  • Head over Heels / Broken — Tears for Fears
  • Acid Moon — Juno Reactor
  • Tibet Part II — Mark Isham
  • I Will Find You (Theme from “The Last of the Mohicans”) — Clannad
  • Pulse Pause Repeat — Harold Budd
  • Come to Me Quickly — Telecast
  • Easter Song — 2nd Chapter of Acts
  • The Rolling People — The Verve
  • Dreaming (Libra Mix) — BT
  • Photographic — Depeche Mode
  • Undo Me — Jennifer Knapp
  • Half the World Away — Oasis
  • A Child (in Everyone’s Heart) — Phil Keaggy
  • Love Like Laughter — Beth Orton
  • Orinoco Flow — Enya
  • The Ringmaster’s Dream — Patrick O’Hearn
  • Final Frontier (the Disco Brothers) — DJ Micro
  • Raining Again (Steve Angello’s Vocal Mix) — Moby
  • He — Jars of Clay
  • Enid — Barenaked Ladies
  • Drifting — Ferry Corsten

You get the idea. Everything from 1970s Phil Keaggy to this year’s Michael Brook, everything from Trance to Christian to Celtic to World Beat to Classic Jazz to Neoclassical Piano. As Duke Ellington put it, “if it sounds good, it is good.”


3 thoughts on “Eclectic Tastes

  1. So our family is strange. I’m sure that dad introduced us to some genres, mom to others, and finally exploration of our own to even more. Yet I agree that I doubt it is strange as much as musically balanced. Although I have some contemporary musical genres that I abhor, I find it amusing that my contemporaries think I am closed minded! Yet, our musical tastes are probably more open or, rather, broader than our critics’.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I don’t like a couple genres—generally most all rap, and generally most all country (though I can say there are a tiny fistful of songs in each category that I don’t mind). But this seems to make me the narrow-minded musician. Of course, should I try to mention the amazing musicality of Arabic groove or Afro-Celtic dance or of neoclassical jazz—well then I’m met with blank stares. Most of my friends just say I listen to “weird” music.

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