13 Things I’ll Do in 2007

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Okay, so I didn’t link this to the official site, since I’m posting it so late in the day, but it’s a good list to be thinking about, methinks.

This isn’t so much a resolution list as a look forward to the probabilities. Call it Bonstradamus.

  1. Pass the #$@*!! language proficiency exam. (It was a painful experience, made more so by the fact that I knew I’d blown it about halfway through. And I have to do it again. Alas.)
  2. Read about 100 articles and maybe 30 books on language, propositions, and other dissertation relevant stuff. (Yeah, it’s prospectus time.)
  3. Lose at least 20 pounds. (Yeah, I want to lose more. But I’m predicting, not resolving.)
  4. Read about 5 new releases in children’s books. (What doctoral types do when they need to relax their brains.)
  5. Move into ABD status. (That is, get my prospectus accepted by my dissertation committee. This’ll be the most stressful thing I’ve ever done to date.)
  6. Go to NYC around Christmastime. (No, it isn’t all that glamorous. I plan on going on the market next year, and one important part of that is interviewing at the Eastern APA, which usually meets in NYC around Christmastime.)
  7. Go to Washington DC. (Olga lives there, and if all is well, I’ll go hang with her for a week, like we’ve planned.)
  8. Go to Anna’s graduation. (Anna graduates with her MD this summer. It’s been on my calendar for a couple years now. If I don’t go, she’ll murder me. How very Hippocratean of her, no?)
  9. Publish one article. (Okay, so maybe this is a pipe dream. But we’ll see soon enough.)
  10. Pay off my car. (Okay, so this is a cheat. It’ll be paid off in January. But hey, that’s a prediction, ain’t it?)
  11. Get my book about half done. (Yeah, that. I’ll talk about it later. Hey, I’ve got maybe a half of chapter done already!)
  12. Bike around town and discover where the trails go. (Yeah, you’d have thunk I’d done this already, no? So really, this is a prediction that isn’t so obvious. But I’ll be doing it. Really.)
  13. Spend a weekend in Indy. (Okay, so this is more of a hope, maybe even a resolution?)


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