The literary prowess of Heather Kurle

Heather Kurle is my niece, my brother’s younger daughter, who will be 10 on December 9th. She’s got the creative streak that seems to run rampant (like a Bedlam knife-weilding maniac) through our family, as is evidenced by her writing. (How’s that for imagery?)

So, without further ado, here’s a sampling from the HK oeuvre.




The snow was falling to the ground,

It fell so softly never making a sound.

I looked out the window and the snow fell hard,

And on the wind blew a Christmas card.

It was a Christmas card addressed to me!

I’m not lying, that’s what I did see.

That’s why I’m sitting outside in a chair,

To see if another letter comes from the air.


 This next one happens to be about my favorite constellation, which is actually a comfort to me at night. Alas, I don’t see him quite so often or easily here as I do out west.


See three stars all the same?

    That’s his belt, Orion ‘s his name.

He’s starting to rise!

    Oh, what a surprise!

Summer’s on its way!


Finally (for now), here’s Heather’s favorite, which Brian (my brother) noted that Boo and I, since both also in school, would likely find resonant with our own experiences.


I saw a cloud up in the sky.

I thought it was the number pi.

I saw a cloud up in the sky,

I thought it was a text book.

I think I’ll take another look.

All the clouds look like school stuff,

I think I’ve studied quite enough.



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