2005 Thirteen–okay, fifteen–wealthiest fictional characters

Yes, it’s on new phlog. But this is my third (or is it my fourth?) TT posting.

So Forbes has listed the top fifteen wealthiest fictional characters. Since this is just darn interesting, I thought I’d re-enter the Thursday Thirteen world with this ready-made but thought-provoking list.

15. Lucius Malfoy. Yeah, we knew he was rich. How else could he possibly get away with so much?

14. Cruella De Vil. Let me just say, I love it that she’s on this list. But consider–how much would it cost to buy 101 dalmations? Heck, to keep up 101 dalmations, even if only just to make their coats shine with a healthy glow?

13. Lara Croft. Figures. Only the really rich have the leisure time and travel expenses one needs to truly open Pandora’s Box.

12. Ebenezer Scrooge. It costs a heckuva lot to pay for Tiny Tim’s medical expenses, especially since his own stinginess with company benefits put insurance out of reach for the Cratchits.

11. Arthur Bach. Yes, that Arthur. Almost makes me wanna rent the movie again. Nah.

10. Willy Wonka. Considering how much we all crave chocolate, and considering the good health press it’s gotten lately–any surprise he’s on the top 10?

9. Thurston Howell III. The secret is in hermet living on a sequestered island. Few visitors means low overhead. Or was that just a palm frond?

8. Bruce Wayne. They say the housing market is going to pop–but heck, if it does, he’ll be way ahead of us all with the coolest cave.

7. Jed Clampett. Yes, the song’s going through my head, too.

6. Scrooge McDuck. Remember all the cartoons and comic books? All the fancy outings, all the wacky experiments he funded–not to mention the stacks of gold coin in his safe.

5. C. Montgomery Burns. Excellent!

4. Lex Luthor. Hey, why’s a bad guy richer than a good guy at #8?

3. Richie Rich. And beyond the possibilities wealth affords him, he’s got basically the personality of the shiny paper he’s printed on.

2. Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks. It’s a hard knock life.

and, it’s no surprise that the #1 wealthiest fictional (oh, did I give something away right then?) character is

Santa Claus. How else can he afford

  • all the gifts he gets zillions of children every year
  • the cost of employing & housing a thriving elf force without so much as a single labor dispute for centuries
  • to keep up on all the technologies it must require for him to fly not only faster than the earth’s rotation, but below radar
  • the expense of feeding and maintaining reindeer, especially as they are what, around 80 years old each by now?

If you are interested (and it’s most certainly worth a few wasted workplace moments), do visit the Forbes site to see exactly how much each of these luckylucky people net.


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