I feel so ashamed…

So phlog has been ill, lately–very ill. And I’m not sure what the blog-whisperer has done in any resuscitation attempts. So in a coma it remains. And I think quite soon I may be forced to make the euthanasia decision to–gulp–pull the plug.

But it gets worse.

I’m a bad Bon Bon. You see, I did some wandering around and found this adorable little blog that looked at me with the most endearing eyes–how could I resist? The next thing I knew, it was a part of my life. I guess that’s not so bad–but the fact is that I gave it the same name as my old blog.

What have I become?

The thing is, though, that new phlog is just not a replacement–not really. I mean, its personality is totally different, for one thing, and it just won’t look the same. It refuses. And it has this silly accent that is sometimes difficult to understand, and sometimes uses a language that I just haven’t quite figured out.

But you know, the accent is endearing, for all that. And I’m sure new phlog will enhance my life in ways that old phlog couldn’t–even though some of the fond memories I shared with old phlog will never be revisited. You can’t go home, you know.

I hope you find new phlog as sweet as I do, and give it a chance to learn all the tricks old phlog could do as I housetrain it for the next few months.


3 thoughts on “I feel so ashamed…

  1. I talked to Brian. He lost a lot of stuff and an entire server… I think that is what he said… and is working on the kurle.com blog… we’ll see I guess. Until then,don’t feel to bad… I subjected myself to myspace and blog there.

  2. Yeah, I know the poor server. The whole structure of the kurle blogs is gone, so really all that’s left of old phlog are the exising web pages (no generating power). I toyed with making one of my own pages a sort of blog, but I really like having the template to structure things (way less work).

    My space? Ah, the Kurles take wing to the four corners.

  3. Yeah, my server died and I dread how much I lost. I have, however, kept the drives in case I can find some way of hopefully resurrecting the data. Time, however, is my enemy, and lack of resources its accomplice.

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